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10 Cup Coffee Machine

The ten cup coffee machines are quite a handy machine and a necessity too in the households where there are lots of coffee being consumed every day. It could be used even when the family is quite large or when you get friends and guests or neighbors visiting over quite frequently. There are numerous popular brands in the 10 cup capacity. Capresso ST 600 is one of the best brands. This machine has a stainless steel body and is a great compliment to any modern kitchen.

The Capresso ST600 is very unique in its design and has a spout meant for the brew to be served. The machine is crafted to be perfect and will start the brewing only if the carafe spout and the lid of the carafe are all fixed and set correctly. This automatic correcting feature is kept in place to help with the safety in using this machine. Another thoughtful option is the safety stop feature, which can permit getting a cup of coffee mid cycle. If there is more coffee remaining in the machine, the carafe lid can be fastened to maintain the heat of the brewed coffee without getting it cooled down. The Capresso ST600 is automatic and does not require supervision to get it shut down. Once the brewing is over the Capresso ST600 is programmed to automatically stop all the ongoing work and shut down.

Another one of the helpful features is the providing of a thermal vacuum which keeps the brewed coffee warm for another 4 hours. The attractive features are the stainless steel body, a black handle to match, a concealed cord and a drip free spout. There are various functional features like the charcoal filter provided to filter out the tap water used to brew coffee. It is common knowledge that the water used in brewing coffee can affect the taste and flavor to a huge extent. In spite of using the best type of coffee beans if the quality of the water is not good it would not give you a good quality of the espresso. There is an electronic indicator to let you know about the need to replace the filter which usually is once in six weeks.

You can set your coffee machine to brew your favorite coffee to the time you wake up, with the helpful programmer and there is LCD display too. The Capresso ST600 is an efficient machine and brews coffee for 10 people within eight minutes.