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4 Cup Coffee Machine

Coffee is the favorite beverage that an American drinks regularly every day. Coffee machines have proved to be excellent gadgets to make a good cup of coffee conveniently without any wastage of time. It has become an indispensable appliance in many households and is available in a wide variety of models. Most of these models make 10 to 12 cups of coffee at a time and has proved to cause wastage in many households. Also people do not like to drink coffee which has been sitting in the carafe for some time. Now different companies are making a 4 Cup Coffee Machine, which is ideal for smaller households and offices where the requirement is for four cups of coffee at a time.

A 4 Cup Coffee Machine is available in different models which have various features. These models are compact and are ideal for counters in the kitchen or office. Depending on the features and the brand the price will vary. The best feature of these machines is that you can avoid wastage and have fresh coffee when your requirement is for 4 cups. Let us now look at some of the popular models which are available.

The DeLonghi DC51TTW is a popular 4 Cup Coffee Machine which has a Thermal Carafe that can be used as a travel mug. The Carafe can keep the coffee piping hot for a couple of hours, and has a lip which is ideally contoured so that there is no dripping while pouring the coffee. This 4 cup Coffee machine has a unique shower-designed head that makes the water saturate all the coffee grounds uniformly. Due to this the coffee flavor is fully extracted, and you get a rich tasting coffee. The machine has a convenient brew-pause button which lets you take a cup while the brewing is still in progress. An automatic switch-off makes sure that the coffee does not get scorched and prevents any mishaps. To add to the convenience of use, the filter basket is removable, the cord has an internal storage and the plate is made of non-stick material.

Certain models of a 4 Cup Coffee Machine has a kind of timer that delays the starting of the brewing process so that you can program it to have ready brewed coffee in the morning. Usually the timer mechanism is the first to start showing signs of problems and therefore go for the popular brands.