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Astoria Coffee Machine:

Astoria coffee machines are some of the most well known in the world today. The Prima espresso is one of the flagship machines and lives up to its name. It will function as a regular coffee machine, an espresso machine and a cappuccino maker that functions very well for low volume and high volume at the same time. If you have a small gathering you can make just a few cups, whereas with a large party, you can easily keep everyone supplied.

Astoria coffee machines are the most unique looking coffee machines around. It is a very good machine however, with a proven track record and a high market share among coffee drinkers. It is a very compact machine that will fit almost anywhere. It measures just 14" tall, 9" wide and 12" deep. Neat and tidy and a perfect fit. It's not a light machine though at 20 lbs but the extra weight is great for keeping the machine firmly on your countertop. This machine is powered by a huge 1400 watts to give you your favorite brew in record time.

The Prima has its own milk frother it is now easy to make both cappuccino and other milk based drinks with no extra problems. The Astoria coffee machine will make E.S.E. certified espresso and cappuccino pods up to 8 oz at one time.

This machine is a bit pricier than most machines on the market. Retail price comes in at about $600 but the quality and convenience of having your own multipurpose coffee machine is worth it if you are a true coffee drinker. If you spend a lot of time drinking coffee, this isn't a luxury; it's an investment that will save you money and time long run. Think about the times when you have wanted cappuccino and some of your guests wanted espresso or just coffee. Before you were through preparing everyone?s drinks you had the whole kitchen a mess with several different tools scattered about and a mess to clean up. With this fully automatic it is simple to make two or three different coffee or coco drinks with the touch of a few buttons and almost now mess to clean up.

So if it is class and convenience that you are looking for in a coffee machine, Astoria coffee machines should be at the top of your list when you go shopping for a new machine to make your coffee drinking a better experience.