Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Bean-to-cup coffee machines better known as automatic coffee makers, use whole coffee beans instead of ground coffee to make you your favourite cup of coffee. It is more fun as these machines now come fully automated. Some add milk automatically into your cup and the end result is great tasting cappuccino or latte. The machines are designed to grind the coffee beans on demand for the quantity required, brew the ground coffee and then get rid of the grinds in a tray.

Nothing beats the experience of brewing your own great tasting coffee using your very own bean to cup coffee machine. This article looks at some of the emerging factors you should look out for when buying your automatic coffee maker. When you are out to purchase your coffee maker, it is wise to look for:


The commercial makes are categorised into three major types: light volume that has the capacity of serving 40 to 100 cups of coffee per day, medium volume with the ability to serve 100 to 250 cups a day and the high volume type which has an amazing capacity of serving above 250 cups of coffee per day. It is wise to stay on the lower side of things if you are operating a small office. For home use, the light volume would be the best choice. No one in their right mind will recommend 100+ cups a day for even the largest of households.


Always buy your coffee maker from trusted manufactures. Reputable coffee machine makers include de'Longhi, Gaggia and Krups. These manufacturers have had long history of coffee machine manufacturing and their appliances are reliable. Most automatic coffee makers are expensive but they are worth the money.

Milk frother

For the commercial sector where cappuccino and frothy drinks are the order of the day, a milk frother will be a necessary feature. Expensive coffee makers will come with a refrigerated milk frother which is appropriate if you are running a busy coffeehouse.

Different Bean Hoppers

You will probably want to have coffee made from different coffee beans. Many expensive bean-to-cup coffee machines will come with more than a single container to place the coffee beans. You can then select the beans you want from the different containers. Such coffee makers are very convenient for commercial use where customers may portray difference in coffee taste.


This is entirely a personal issue. It depends on the colour and the shape you want to see daily.