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Briel Coffee Machine

Briel are a Portuguese company that was founded in 1978. They are considered to be among the pioneers in the development and construction of coffee and more specifically espresso machines for domestic use.

Briel's first big commercial success came in 1982. The ABS was launched, the first coffee machine with a body made entirely of plastic. It was a huge global hit and moved the company to the higher echelons of the worlds expanding coffee machine market.

Throughout the 1990's the company continued to grow, and began to concentrate exclusively on domestic espresso machines, fitting as Portugal is the spiritual home of the espresso, a strong shot of high quality ground coffee.

Briel have a huge production capacity and a wide range of models and versions available in the global market. The company prides themselves on paying close attention to detail and pushing the boundaries of what a home espresso system can achieve, by keeping all aspects of development in- house.

Briel are the largest producers of coffee machines in Portugal, and one in the biggest in the world. They have won numerous awards including the prestigious, "Best Consumer Buy in the USA" for their ES15 coffee machine.

Temperature is imperative to producing a quality cup of espresso. Briel have two internally developed systems for heating the water to the correct level. The stainless steel boiler is the traditional system, used in most Briel products. This is extremely reliable and saves a great deal on energy-Briel are committed to making all their products as eco friendly as possible.

Secondly the `dry bath' a compact system with a double body and long channels. It has a great capacity for heat conduction, which in partnership with a highly efficient mechanism for electronic management produces steam instantly and continuously. The dry bath system also acts as a safety valve, limiting the pressure within it, to make sure the produced espresso has the desired velvety and creamy finish.

Briel's flagship product is the Multi-Pro series, which offers stainless steel design and heavy-duty features. This series can be used with freshly ground coffee or easy serving espresso pods. Briel's latest espresso machine is the Apollo, which has been nominated for several industry awards. Briel have played a huge role into bringing the espresso into the domestic house hold, and continue to set the standard for home espresso machines throughout the world.