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Catering Coffee Machines

Coffee is one of the most popular products around the world being consumed daily by millions of people. Whether consumed occasionally or regularly, it makes us feel full of energy, surrounding our senses with alluring aromas that produce feelings of euphoria when drinking it.

The use of coffee dates back in the history, when Africans first discovered it. The first coffee machine was made in 1818 in France. It was formed from individual parts such as: a metal pot having a chamber at the bottom to be placed on the heat, a vertical pipe extending from the chamber up to the top percolators and a perforated chamber allowing the water to rise when heated, infusing the coffee.

Nowadays many countries have embraced this magical drink, developing an entire industry around it, creating special machinery in order to prepare it rapidly for the consumer's benefits. Catering coffee machines are recent innovations as well as the espresso coffee machine which has its origins back in 1822.

Whether you like drinking your coffee in the coziness of your home or if you prefer drinking it in the coffee shops or in the pubs, coffee machines are of a great help. They help people set the amount of coffee to be produced in a relative short time, setting the flavor at the push of a single button.

International markets have hundreds of offers regarding the coffee machines. They come in different shapes with a wide range of performances. You can purchase them if you have a business of your own in order to satisfy your clients, or you can simply buy them for your personal needs, adding good taste to your kitchen.

On the other hand there are catering companies which offer their services at the best prices for the interested clients. They install them, offer bonuses and also perform the maintenance whenever necessary.

Among the most used catering coffee machines brands there are: Braun Coffee Makers, Bosch Coffee Makers or Gaggia Coffee Makers. They come with artistically designs having automatic shut on/off buttons or pause features, allowing all coffee drinkers not to worry about forgetting the machine on. They also have removable water tanks with steel heaters allowing the system to maintain the flavors and the heat. There are cup selectors features included as well. For instance the coffee machines can brew up to eight cups of coffee at the same time. Hence customers appreciate them as they can enjoy fresh hot coffee for a long period of time.