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Cleaning Coffee Machines

Most of us have a vacuum cleaner in the house. If you have a vacuum cleaner, use it often, you have to clean it out eventually or it will become unusable. And you're not ingesting the contents of your vacuum cleaners. When it comes to regular cleaning your kitchen appliances should head the list. Cleaning coffee machines is a really simple task and it is one that should be done as often as is possible. Dirty machines can become a haven for harmful bacteria. They also become progressively harder to clean the more you use them without proper maintenance. And the most important fact is that if you don't regularly clean your coffee machine the taste of your coffee will soon start changing and no matter what blend you use you will get the same taste.

The exact method for cleaning will vary from brand to brand and type to type. Some machines come apart easily and some of the super automatics will all but clean themselves. If you are using a filter in your machine, dispose of the filter, or wash it if you are using a metal filter. Completely drain the water reservoir and then fill it up with vinegar. The best way is to fill it about a quarter of the way to the top. Turn the machine on and let it run a cycle. Once that is complete, let the vinegar cool for about a half an hour. Now ad some water and vinegar to about half way to the top and run another cycle. Allow to cool, drain and run water through the system. Run several cycles of water through, heating and cooling until the vinegar is completely gone.

Any coffee machine should be cleaned at least once a month, maybe more, depending on how heavily it is used. Over a period the machine will retain hard water deposits, oils and flavors from many different types of beans. Cleaning your coffee machine on a regular basis will keep these tastes completely out of your morning cup.

As an addendum, please make a note that espresso machines are not coffee machines. They require a great deal more cleaning and maintenance. Be sure to consult the accompanying instruction manual before attempting to clean your espresso machine, or have it cleaned by a professional. These machines are much more complex than are drip coffee makers and need the extra care.