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Coffee Brewing Machines

It is an untold art to brewing coffee. The art of brewing the best coffee is diverse and the equipment is very sophisticated from culture to culture.

Since coffee was first used countless number of coffee machines including brewing devices by the thousands were invented . There are several coffee machines that have gained popularity.

There are several methods one can use when brewing coffee, each method is unique to the coffee machine to preserve the taste and quality of the coffee. When using coffee brewing machines the water should not be over boiled. As regular tap water does not have the essential minerals that make coffee taste good it is best to use spring water and water that is filtered. Do not use distilled water, it isn't recommended.

Since there are so many brands of coffee makers in the market it is really impossible to rate these coffee makers.

Here is a look at some of the popular coffee makers...

French Press coffee brewing machine: This unit is excellent in controlling the temperature and time and offers unparalleled and unspoilt flavour due to perfect time and temperature that is used in this coffee brewing machine. This coffee brewing machine is not very expensive. When using a French press, measure and boil the exact volume of water, place freshly and coarsely ground coffee in the glass and pour in the hot water. Shake to stir contents allow the coffee to be extracted and pull down the plunger after about 4 to 5 mins. and this will extract the coffee from the grounds.

Reviews show that this coffee brewing machine is not the most convenient, as it loses heat faster but the varying temperatures makes a wonderful cup of coffee.

Vacuum Coffee Pot coffee brewing machine: This is an intelligent coffee brewing machine as it prepares really good coffee laced with a lovely aroma. There is little or no sedimentation of coffee left in the cup. This is also a less expensive coffee brewing machine.

Automatic Drip Coffee brewing machine: This is the easiest and most convenient coffee brewing machine.

Espresso coffee brewing machines: Making espresso coffee is a little complicated and difficult. But there are several espresso coffee brewing machines that are available that is less complicated. However, brewing espresso coffee is an art that needs to be mastered through experience.