Coffee Machine One Cup

There are variations, innovations and designs in any technology you can put your finger on. The latest addition to the technology of coffee making seems to be the one cup coffee machine. Did you even know that there were machines that were meant to brew only 1 cup of coffee at a time? Probably most of you are wondering if there are people who really purchase such machines which cater to only a single person at a time. These machines seem to be the ideal choice for people who live alone. But there are possibilities of even such loners who live quite by themselves of getting a guest or an occasional visitor.

What would they do when faced with such a situation? The possibilities are many. They could opt for a glass of water while their guest or friend or the visitor sips the coffee. The second option is to brew a single cup and then brazenly pour some off from this cup on to another mug and both of them can share the wonderful cup of coffee. Or the third option is to wait until the coffee is brewed. Once it is done offer the first cup to the visitor, and then again wait for a few minutes until then next cup is brewed up. Now the person can enjoy his or her coffee, while the visitor looks on at the atrocious single cup coffee maker.

There are people who believe in enjoying the pleasures of life. One such pleasure is the experience of enjoying or savouring gourmet coffee. The people who love the gourmet coffee are the first among those who want to opt for a coffee machine which brews only a single cup of coffee at a time. They believe that the perfect coffee cannot be made by guess work and they feel that even a tad bit of difference or alteration in the amount of the coffee powder or the number of whole beans they add to the coffee machine can immensely change the taste of the coffee brewed.

The Keurig single cup is a sealed and packed portion of the ground coffee sediment. The Keurig Company claims that this amount is perfectly suited to meet the taste requirements of all coffee lovers. There are different K-cups to suit the difference in the preference of the strength of the brewed coffee. Keurig has 3 different one cup coffee machines, the Mini, Elite and the Special edition.