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Coffee Machines Review

Is there a need for a coffee machine review? If yes, then why is it important at all to know about all the different coffee machines? Why cannot some one just go ahead and get the machine they see first on the counter or the machine which they have seen in their friend's house? The answer is that doing such a thing would be a very unwise decision on any one's part.

A coffee machine is not just another kitchen appliance. Because all the other appliances do the work they are meant to quite mechanically and there is no big change to your life if you select one appliance or the other, provided all are in the same category.

But buying a coffee machine is like investing your time, effort and money for a life time. The coffee aficionados would tell you how coffee drinking is simply not at all like drinking any other beverage. It is an experience in itself. It is an art which can be suitably mastered with a suitable coffee machine by the side.

That reveals the importance of having a detailed review before deciding to buy any of the coffee machines.

There are loads of manufacturers of coffee machines in the entire world, like Gaggia, Kitchen Aid, Francis francis, Krups, la Pavoni etc. which make excellent quality coffee machines. But it is necessary to understand the various types of coffee machines before venturing to buy them. The different types of coffee machines are:

Bean to cup








With such a huge variety of choices, it is difficult to get through to the exact coffee machine you actually need.

Hobs Coffee machine:

The Hobs Company has a huge range of models and most of their machines work on the drip brewing method. The Combi Coffee maker from Hubs is useful in getting your espresso coffee, latte, filter coffee and the cappuccino. It comes in 1.2 litre water capacity with around 10 cups of filter coffee capacity.

Hobs Thermal Coffee Maker:

This is an excellent and compact machine with a programmable time setting on a LCD display. It has 10 cup thermal carafe capacity and will automatically shut down after 1 hour.

Jura ENA4:

This is an automatic coffee machine which can give bean to cup coffee all within a minute.

Krups 888-43:

It is an excellent 10 cup coffee maker with 24 hour programming available. You can wake up to an excellent cup of coffee prepared by your machine.