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Coffee Machines Uk

Although the English are known for their tea drinking, there is a lot of people in UK who prefer a good cup of coffee. Coffee drinking has now become popular and there is a good demand for coffee machines in UK. Some of the popular brands of coffee machines in UK are Morphy Richards, Gaggia, Phillips, Siemens, Delonghi, Kenwood and Russell.

Coffee Machines in UK come in a wide variety of models ranging from a simple brewing machine to a model which has a grinder as well. Many people now prefer to brew their coffee from freshly ground coffee beans as it has a richer flavor and aroma compared to packeted powdered coffee. The Gaggia Platinum Vogue is an all-in-one coffee machine. The machine has a built-in ceramic coffee grinder which can grind the beans to the required smoothness. This coffee machine places a lot of different controls in your hands and you can adjust the size of cup you want and also the strength of your brew. The machine has a sturdy and neat looking front panel made in stainless steel which has the boiler and dispensing outlet. It also has a strong water pump so that you can get a well extracted cup of espresso. This is an ideal machine for home and small offices but is a bit expensive, available for about five hundred pounds.

There are coffee machines in UK which have only the grinding mechanism and the brewing unit is sold separately. There are also models for small households which can make and dispense single cups at a time, and these are becoming more popular. These models will only make one or two cups as per the requirement and there is no wastage of coffee, as you do not have to make a full pot.

One of the sleek models is the Philips Senseo which is a pod based coffee machine. This is very compact in size and has the convenience of dispensing one or two cups of coffee at a time. You just need to fill up the water which will get heated up automatically and fix the pod in the holder and in a couple of minutes you have a steaming cup of good coffee. This machine forces hot water under pressure through the pod, so that you get a strong cup and even makes some froth on top.