Coffee Roasting Equipment

One of the most important processes when it comes to creating that perfect cup of coffee is coffee roasting. It is important to have the perfect coffee roasting equipment in order to roast coffee beans properly. It may sound so simple but there is in an exact science to coffee roasting and coffee roasting equipment plays a big role in that. The right mix of blending coffee beans and roasting them are the two key aspects of making an amazing grind. Getting the perfect type of coffee for roasting would a pertinent aspect of getting a perfect type of roasted coffee. Buying green, unroasted coffee will not only help you save money, but also you will be able to control how roasted the coffee can be. This is important if you are the type of person that is very specific on the type of coffee that you want to have.

There are two popular types of coffee roasting equipment. They are the drum type coffee roasting equipment and the hot air roaster. The difference between the two is that drum type machine roast coffee while tumbling it a drum that is rotating and the hot air machine roasts coffee as it tumbles it on currents of hot air, hence the name, hot air machine. During the first 3 minutes you will start to smell a sort of grassy fragrance which does not smell like coffee at all. After about 5 minutes, the coffee bean starts to change colors and the smell changes again. At around nine minutes, the coffee bean will start to wrinkle. About ten minutes later, the coffee bean will start to expand and grow to around double their size and you will hear a popping sound that would resemble the sound of cooking popcorn. The swelling of the coffee will begin to give the coffee bean a smoother surface and will begin to change the color of the coffee bean from a slightly gold tint to a more light brown color, which is commonly referred to as the cinnamon roast.

After around 20 or so minutes, the coffee beans will change into a darker shade of brown and is now starting to like the coffee bean that we know and love. The darkest roast is commonly referred to as the French roast. This coffee is now ready to be consumed and you can stop roasting at this point.