Coffee Roasting Machines

Having a coffee roasting machine is a plus to have in every coffee lovers home. Roasting your own coffee beans at home can provide you a simple way to enjoy the smell and the pleasure of having superior coffee in your very own home. Coffee roasting machine is very inexpensive and you can also save a lot of money by roasting coffee in your very own home. Also, you can control the type of coffee that you wish to have without being limited by the type of coffee there is in the market. Getting the freshest roasted coffee is pretty hard to when you are constantly buying canned roasted coffee because they tend to go stale very fast and the shelf life of roasted coffee is very short. Having you own coffee roasting machine will ensure that you will have the freshest coffee each and every at the comfort of your very own home. You can even create your very own coffee roasting machine by just using a simple frying pan. However, you will be unable to control the temperature especially if you are not so experienced when it comes to roasting coffee. You are increasing the risk of burning your coffee beans if you use just a frying pan or a wok. You can also use a saucepan if you want but you need to monitor the temperature constantly. Some pans are even created with thermometers that will help you monitor the temperature however; this is such a hassle when you have constant stir the coffee to prevent it from getting burned.

One of the things that you have to wait for when roasting your own is when you hear the first popping sound. This means that it has change to into a light brown color. This is called the cinnamon roast. Also, who have to watch the color when it changes into a darker brown in color and looks more like the coffee that you know, then it is already ready. You need to watch this carefully so that you will prevent it from burning. Burnt coffee does not taste too good because it is bitter and definitely will have that burnt taste in it. After you have roasted the bean, you should let it rest for about 1-2 days as to let out all the vapors or what you can do is that you can grind them already so that the vapors will be let out faster. The vapors are composed of carbon dioxide which will make your coffee grind stale so this step is very important.