Coffee Vending Machine

The coffee vending machine or the CVM is a common sight nowadays. Where ever you go, be it banks, offices, food outlets, theatres, the coffee vending machine has made its presence felt almost every where.

Though the coffee vending machines are such a common sight in modern times, the original invention of a vending machine dates back to the first century. A person named or described as the Hero of Alexandria, invented the first ever vending machine. This person was not only and engineer but also a mathematician too. He devised out a machine which would accept the coins introduced in to it and provide holy water in exchange for the money paid.

The basic mechanism was quite simple. The coin when introduced in to the vending machine fell down to hit a pan or a dish which in turn was attached to a lever. The pan would be inclined by the weight of the coin and would continue do so until the coin would automatically fall off due to the tilting of the pan. The lever would open out a valve which then let out or allowed the free flow of the holy water stored in another compartment. No sooner than the coin would fall off, the lever would get pushed back, to regain its original position by counter weight. This would automatically lock the valve and the holy water would be locked in the compartment without coming out.

Though this was a very primitive model, the common usage and sighting of these vending machines had to wait until the late 19th century. London had several of these vending machines, but they dispensed post cards, not coffee. United States of America had to wait longer, almost 8 years longer before they could start using a vending machine. In 1888, the first vending machine was built by a chewing gum company and it was used to vend their brand of chewing gum on the platforms of the railway stations.

The coffee vending machines are manufactured by all the leading manufacturers of the coffee machines, like Gaggia, Mr. Coffee, etc. The capacities of the coffee vending machines differ greatly. There are some coffee vending machines which can dispense around 300 cups of instant coffee. There are some which are a tad bit smaller, like the 200 cup dispensing capacity. They use electric energy to function and usually have a digital display to allow the user select the preferences.