Delongi Coffee Machines

The Delongi brand is considered to be a guarantee for quality and luxury. All Delongi coffee machines are produced in a way which cares about the great taste of your morning cup of coffee. The variety of the Delongi coffee machines is really great. The wide range of coffee machines could make it really difficult to choose one. That is why you are going to read about the 3 most used and liked machines of Delongi brand.

Delongi DCF212T is a very nice coffee machine which can make up to 12 coffee cups at one time. The machine is provided with the so called aroma setting which makes the coffee more aromatic. However, it takes pretty much time to get your coffee when you use this setting but it still could be useful for the days when you do not go to work. And what is probably the best of this coffee machine is that it does not take any efforts to fill it with water thanks to the front valve. The cost should not be ignored also. You can get this wonderful coffeemaker for $50. It is a good value for money, isn't it?!

Delongi EC155 is one of the great Delongi achievements. It is perfect for preparing espresso with great aroma and wonderful taste. What is great about Delongi EC155 is that it is not steam driven but has a pump system. The steam driven coffee machines are usually cheaper because the steam is considered to be responsible for the bitter taste of the coffee. We all know how unpleasant it is. Another advantage this coffee machine has is that it is extremely easy to clean as well as it is very compact which makes it perfect for small kitchens. However, it cannot be claimed that it is a perfect coffee machine as it has some cons also. For example, it takes much time for a warm-up which results in spending more time waiting for your cup of coffee. It is also very difficult to learn how to use the machine as there are more buttons than needed. At the beginning, it is likely you misuse the coffee machine. Although it is not ideal, it is still very a nice coffeemaker created by Delongi. You can get it for $120 as the price may vary from $100 to $150.

Those were two coffee machines of Delongi. If you want your morning cup of coffee to have wonderful taste, you should definitely purchase one of them. You will not be disappointed!