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Domestic Coffee Machines

Coffee machines are designed with the end user in mind. Coffee machines are therefore designed for professional or domestic environments. The machines in these two categories don't differ much in features but rather in the quantity of coffee brewed. Industrial coffee machines are fashioned to produce large amounts of coffee in any given setting. This is because they are designed to service a large crowd of coffee need.

Domestic coffee machines are on the other hand tailored to meet the needs of households. Household coffee needs are by far less than commercial or office coffee needs. It will be poor application of knowledge, to design domestic coffee machines whose maximum capabilities can comfortably support a large commercial establishment. Due to this most domestic coffee machines are designed to make less than 100 cups of coffee per day.

Every coffee machine making company prides in few models of domestic coffee machines. In recent times, companies have been trying to outdo competition in the market by the inclusion of features that make domestic coffee brewing even better. This has seen the inclusion of features such as milk frothers previously available in commercial coffee machines only. Today's domestic coffee machine will have slight differences with their commercial counterparts with most of these machines only differing in terms of quantity produced.

Single cup technology is dominant in domestic coffee machines, but others have two cup settings. Some companies will allow their customers to purchase a separate grinder rather than have it all in one machine. This holds well in cases where customers cannot afford to purchase the whole package or prefers to buy them separately. Power consumption of domestic coffee machines is much on the lower side as it designed for the home power setting. Expensive domestic machines will include features such as extra hoppers, milk frothers, grinders and increased volume.

The typical domestic coffee machine will weigh at about 12 pounds and measures 28.5 cm by 16 cm by 11 cm. Most of these coffee machines now come with a lesser price tag and are quickly finding place in most kitchens. A domestic coffee machine brews coffeehouse quality coffee and may drastically reduce your visits to your favorite coffee house. This may not be the case if you acquire below standards coffee machines from sellers who don't care at all. In fact, this will increase your visits to the coffeehouse with added visits to the repair shop. It is recommended that you buy your domestic coffee machines from reputable dealers.