Dualit Coffee Machines

Dualit was formed by an inventor just after the end of the Second World War, called Max Gort-Barten. Gort-Barten's first successful product was the patented commercial toaster, the descendants of which are still seen in almost every kitchen in the world.

The company is still run by the Gort-Barten family and prides itself on its spirit of invention and entrepreneurship. Dualit has expanded into a vast array of fields, including a wide range of coffee machines and accessories.

The multi award winning Espressivo, an espresso making machine, has set a bench mark for domestic coffee makers, with its combination of professional quality and practicality. It has a 15 BAR pump, which gives caf, lattes the perfect `crema' head and a thermo bloc water heating system, which provides instant hot water and steam.

The cordless coffee percolator compliments the Dualit cordless jug kettle and has the capacity to make up to 12 125ml cups of coffee, in just ten minutes. Stylish with beautiful clean lines it was designed to have the capacity to be taken straight to the table, and has a `stay warm' function that allows the consumer to enjoy hot and fresh coffee throughout the day.

Duralit's conical coffee grinder through its conical bur grinder has the capacity to make ground coffee and maintain the intoxicating aromas of the fresh coffee bean throughout the day. The Duralit coffee grinder spins more slowly than its competitors, minimizing the congealing effect of oily beans. It also produces less heat which helps preserve the bean's aroma.

The cordless Dualit latteccino can make 150ml of frothed milk in a staggering 70 seconds. This makes it an ideal device for making hot chocolate, caffe, lattes, and cappuccino's. It is diminutive and neat, weighing in at less than 1kg, and has been a success both with caterers and domestic users.

To compliment their range of coffee making machines, Dualit have bought out a range of hand picked coffee pods from around the world and elegantly designed coffee mugs, cups and saucers.

The Expressivo was recently awarded a coveted Which magazine best buy award. The trend setting magazine expressed that the Best Buy Duakit Espressivo makes it an easy to use machine that makes in next to no time an excellent and fine tasting espresso. They used coffee that was ground to make the espresso which had a dense and long lasting crema. The taste was described by their expert as bright, clean and fresh.