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Elektra Coffee Machine

Elektra is a popular brand of coffee machines. Originally set up in 1947 and owned by the Fregnan family, in Treviso Italy, this company now has branched out to many countries. The company sells its wonderful coffee machines all over the world. The Elektra Company in addition to manufacturing coffee machines also has excelled in supplying the spare parts required for the various coffee machines and is equipped to provide the delivery of the spare parts within 48 hours of the order.

1950 was the year in which the Elektra Company produced the first hydraulic machine and there was no stooping them since then. Today the Elektra Company has numerous models of coffee machines but the idea that kept them going and made them emerge as successful entrepreneurs was the thirst for perfection in all of their models. All the models of the Elektra coffee machines are thoroughly tested and the testing process continues for a rigorous 48 hour continuous working of the machine to spot out any defects or problems. The process of proper ensuring of the quality is completed for each and every machine sent out of the company premises for shipping. There are different people assigned to over look the quality control of the manufacturing process at different stages.

The Electro Micro Casa leva S1C is an easy to use simple designed model from Elektra Company. This coffee machine could be called as an espresso coffee maker. Quite comfortable and convenient to use this model has a steel body and has a sleek appearance. The electrically operated espresso machine uses around 800 watts of power and is highly economical on the energy usage. It weighs around ten kilos and utilizes 12 bars of pressure for the espresso making.

Another addition to the Elektra stable is the Elektra Micro Casa Semiautomatica. The first thing that holds your attention is the wonderfully brilliant appearance of the coffee machine. It has wooden handles with a magnificent copper and brass combination finish used for the body of the machine. This model weighs around 11 kilos with a boiler and tank capacity of two liters. There is lot of attention given to detail and appearance of this model of the espresso coffee maker. There is a motif of an eagle which crowns the lid on the top.

Selecting an Elektra coffee machine will be a rewarding experience and an economical decision too, as these machines are all designed to last long and give you the best in performance.