Faema Coffee Machines

Faema is an Italian coffee manufacturing company founded in 1945 in Milan. The term espresso seems to be tantamount with the term Italy. Italians desire their coffee to such an extent that they have often come up with ingenious ways to prepare their favorite drink and they take pride in doing so. The Faema Company being Italian has shared this passion for coffee and coffee making machines. They have always strived to blend excellence with elegance. The results have shown up and the company manufactured coffee machines are now sold on an international level.

The company is situated in the Binasco area of Italy and covers quite a gigantic area of seventy five thousand square meters and about forty thousand square meters of this area is covered by the indoor area. This makes the Faema company the largest in the whole world to have dedicated such a huge area for the production of the espresso coffee machines. With 600 employees and 40 design engineers the Faema Company has taken over the coffee machine market in over 100 countries. The best part about these Faema coffee machines are that seventy per cent of the Faema Company's production gets exported to foreign countries.

The products of the Faema Company are truly versatile and tailored to meet the demands of every type of customer. The product range includes a Traditional coffee machine range, a super automatic range, and coffee grinders with the dosers and the accessories. There are 7 models in the traditional range with one of the machine named as the E91 being designed almost 19 years back in 1991 and still continuing to be the best sellers. The model names are Emblema, Enova, Smart, Amabassador SE, E92 SE, E 61, E 91 etc. These traditional machines are designed to handle the coffee production right from the beginning stage that is the coffee bean stage. All the traditional models come in different sizes.

The super automatic range is the real wonder among all the coffee machine types. A push of a button is all it takes to transform the coffee beans in to a cup of steaming hot espresso coffee. The super automatic machines come in 5 different sub models with two main models of Granditalia and Prestige. The super automatic machines automatically, grind, select the dos of the coffee ground and prepare the coffee all at the touch of a button.

The Faema coffee machines are truly excellent in terms of technology and elegance too.