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Francis Coffee Machines

There are several coffee grinding machines in the world and Francis coffee machines are just but part of the grinding machines in the coffee sector. Francis coffee machines were first manufactured by Espresso back in 1994. The machine was mainly designed with the home users in mind. After the launch of the first Francis coffee machine, several other machines have been introduced into the market from the same company. The most outstanding feature in the Francis coffee machines is the way the machines blend color and the metals used to make the machines. The Francis coffee machines were a master piece since they were brought about by the combined contribution of well known Italian architect Luca Trazzi who took care of the aesthetics in the machine while Francesco took care of the engineering aspect of the machines. These combined efforts gave rise to one of the most attractive home coffee machines with an outstanding appearance.

The machines were later purchased by Illy in 2004 and have since continued to dominate the market in so far as coffee machines are concerned. Although the beauty of the machines were quite outstanding and made them do well in sales, many espresso coffee machine loyalists expressed dissatisfaction at the quality of coffee that the machine produced. This however did not change the performance of the machine in a great way and the machine still remains a success in the coffee machines sector.

The coffee machine is mainly manufactured in the UK and there fore remains more prominent among the European countries nearer to the UK. It is also possible to get the machine delivered it to other parts of the world although it should be important to take other factors such as future maintenance and regular servicing into consideration. This is because it would be foolhardy to purchase a machine at a costly price and ship it across borders and oceans only to get stuck with it due to the inability to service it

As much as the machine may be useful to its users, it is also important to keep the machine well maintained and serviced at regular intervals in order to get the best of service from the equipment. It is a common fact that well serviced machines will always guarantee their owners better service in return. It is also interesting to note that Francis coffee machines are seemingly undergoing improvements at a steady pace and this is evident in the new models that they have launched into the market as recently as 2007.