Francis Francis Coffee Machines

Francis Francis is an Italian company involved in the manufacture of coffee machines. Francis Francis espresso machines are a true blend of the art with the science. The models are all wonderfully crafted to provide only the very best to the consumer. Francis Francis coffee machines are no doubt loved all over the world by numerous consumers and coffee lovers alike. Every coffee lover is aware of the fact that the best coffee needs more than the best quality of coffee beans. It surely requires the very best coffee machine to brew it too.

This company was founded in the early twentieth century and was named Illy, which was the family name of the person Mr. Francesco Illy who was the founder of the company. The company inaugurated in 1933 had no looking back since the inception. Now the third generation of the Illy family runs the business and the CEO is Mr. Andrea Illy. The company today boasts of its presence out side of Italy in far flung countries and has not left any of the 5 continents uncovered too. An indomitable presence in 140 countries is not a minor task; it sure is a huge achievement. The Illy Company attributes all of its success to the loyalty of its patrons and customers who swear by the quality of their coffee machines and other products.

The Francis Francis coffee machine is another piece of art from the makers of the Illy Company. This is a fine Espresso machine proven and guaranteed to give you only the very best in espresso coffee. The technological aspects are well taken care of and each and every part is designed to perfection. But the designers at the Illy Company do not believe only in technical expertise. They are striving to provide excellent technical expertise packaged in an attractive eye ball grabbing appearance too.

The Francis Francis coffee machine is a totally domestic use machine. It has a pump mechanism for the espresso blend and as someone aptly said; no one makes espresso coffee like the Italians do. So trust this Francis Francis Coffee machine from Italy to take care of all your espresso coffee cravings and needs. The pipes are all made of plastic so as to facilitate withstanding and resistance to increased pressures.

The fittings inside the Francis Francis espresso coffee machine are all made of bronze. The over all aim is to maintain an optimal pressure and to endure the heat and yet to remain stable.