French Coffee Maker

The famous french press coffee is seen to be more and more in demand within the market. Coffee industries are propelled to provide for all customers and are seeing an increase in their purchases of relative equipments, such as the necessary french press coffee maker. French press coffee makers are intrinsic machines that require a lot of detail and attention. However, the outcome is desirable and extremely makes the process worth while. Let us take a look at what a french press coffee maker is and how it works.

The french press coffee maker is a cylindrical glass tube that is, as it's name indicates made of glass, or perhaps sometimes translucent plastic. It then has a lid that serves as a filter as well, it is never made out of paper. The reason is so that the coffee bean's natural oils remain within the coffee, this gives the french press coffee that original and rich tasting texture it is known for. This lid, can either be a simple filter made out of metal, which allows the oils to remain within the coffee, or not there at all, it solely depends on how strong one would like their coffee. The lid itself is meant to fit the cylinder opening like a glove, it is tight so air bubbles are prevented.

Now that we have a small general brief outlook on what the french press coffee maker looks like, let us explore the preparation aspect. First, boil the necessary amount of water you require, depending on how much coffee you would like to make for yourself and others. Next step is to finely grind the coffee beans to the desired thickness of the beans you prefer. Now you must preheat your french press coffee maker, and the way to successfully complete this task is to fill it with the warmest water you can get from your home faucet. Now, you must let the boiling hot water cool down for a couple of minutes, perhaps three to five would be the general time. Now pour warm water from the press into a cup and mix with it with your coffee beans. Next place the plunger on top of the cup, but do not press it just yet. Allow the plunger on top for a couple of minutes then push the plunger down slowly. Once you've done that, you may then pour yourself a fresh cup of french press coffee!