Gaggia Coffee Machines Uk

The Gaggia UK offers wonderfully designed models equipped to handle all the pressure and the load and the most excellent part is the five year guarantee which accompanies all of the models. There is no wonder that coffee aficionados and commercial users of the Gaggia coffee machines find them so irresistible and appealing.

Gaggia coffee machines are enormously accepted and well liked all over the globe. Who would not be fond of this machine, with such an outstanding class of coffee being made with the help of this machine? Gaggia Coffee machines are invented to be an insignia of tradition and dependability. The manufacturing company is from the country of Italy and was started in the year 1948 by an entrepreneur Achille Gaggia. This company holds the patent for the steam free coffee making machines which are now a common sight all over the coffee world. All the coffee machines from this company are manufactured even now in Milan. The Gaggia Company aims at blending tradition with modern and the latest development in technology.

The Gaggia machines have progressively and effortlessly transited from the old customary handle controlled piston which would produce a forceful pressure to the modern and latest Gaggia Coffee machines which require no more than the feather touch of a button to get you the world's most wonderfully flavored coffee.

The Gaggia Company has also diversified its interests and now has a full range of steam cleaners, ironing systems and kitchen luxury appliances. The coffee machines are again of 2 categories:

Domestic line

Professional line

The Professional line has 3 models:

Fully automatics


Coffee grinders

The fully automatics have 2 models:


Titanium office

The domestic line has a variety of types of coffee machines like:

Automatic machines

Manual Machines

Capsule machines

Coffee grinders

Kitchen Line

The Baby range of coffee machines has been the symbol of originality and innovation of the Gaggia, UK. Now there are greater selections of colors, additional features in the Baby Gaggia UK range. The Baby Gaggia machines have 7 different models:

Baby Black

Baby Ivory Silver

Baby Dose Silver

Baby Dose red

Baby Class

Baby Class D

Baby Twin

The Automatic range has 6 models:

Cappuccino X two

Platinum Vision

Platinum Swing

Platinum Swing up

Platinum Vogue

Platinum Event