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Kenco Coffee Machines

When it comes to instant or roasted or grounded coffees the only name with fame is Kenco. Kenco originally came in to existence under the name Kenya Coffee Company (KCC) and was founded in 1923 by two retired coffee traders Mr. L C Gibbs and Mr. CS Baines who first started their coffee shop in Vere Street, Mayfair and gave a dynamic sales response distributing coffee in Britain by Kraft Foods as well. Further as the demands increased KCC shifted to a new location in Sloane Square London, leaded by a food merchant, John Gardiner who successfully grew coping with business ethics. Gardiner even provided catering services on the major events as Wimbledon tennis series.

And the after World War-II, Tom Kelly, one from the Gardiner's employee, convinced the corporation to buy KCC. Once the deal was finalized, Tom Kelly took charge of the business and first developed the retail series; Kelly varied into catering and introduced eleven coffee shops on the high ranked locations as Wimbledon, King's Road and Golders Green in United Kingdom. Thus leaving KCC shops to be a high street cafe and led Tom Kelly to fame and variety of vendors approached his coffee shop ensuing the rights to sale espresso coffee machines of Gaggia make to other coffee Restaurants. Finally in 1962 KCC was renamed to Kenco Coffee Company.

Well today Kenco is a giant in coffee machines all around the globe and supplies a innumerable variety of automated coffee vending machines, coffee filter machines etc. suitable for any situation may it be a busiest cafes or a single desk or office as well. The wide range of machines is of three types Table top coffee machine, floor standing coffee machine and Kenco single machines.

Floor standing vending machines consists of four beautiful models and with some multi colored which give a wealthy look and do operate in a wealthy manner. Models generally feature tremendously consistent and stout and which have the capacity to vend 5 to 15 various hot and hot and chilled drinks including a wide range of quality, minimum manual quality requirement, extra optional cabinet can be provided as per customer request. These vending machines have a capacity of dispensing 900 to 1200 cups with internal sugar dispenser. Kenco single Brewer machines every drink is equipped unsullied and filtered and can be served with great taste which can be made available at any required point of time. Kenco machines are engineered so diplomatically that the capsule signals the system to ensure the temperature to be up to mark before dispensing every drink.