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La Pavoni Coffee Machine

It is said that La Pavoni offers, the best espresso machines in the world. This espresso making Machine Company was established in 1905, in Italy and has been manufacturing espresso machines since then. The La Pavoni coffee machines are designed for commercial and home use these machines and can make yours as well as your familie's gourmet style Italian coffees like espresso, cappuccino, caf? latte and mocha. The La Pavoni coffee makers come in automatic and manual espresso coffee makers.

A popular La Pavoni espresso making machine is the Romantica PG-16. This a coffee machine is made of brass and is a manual machine.

The La Pavoni coffee machines has 3 main features which are

- All machines are unique and manufactured in Italy, there is quality workmanship

- All La Pavoni coffee machines are triple-plated chromea and

- Uses the finest and best quality stainless steel heating elements

Some of these espresso machines include the following models, Europiccola EPC-8, Lusso PL-16, Pisa PA-35, Caffe Mattina ESP-20, Club Combo Duet PA-1315,Si PAB-16, Europiccola EPBB-8, EPG-8, Napolitana PA-1200, V4, M2,S2, V3, M1,Velox, Cellini PA-12, Si PAB-16, Europiccola EPBB-8, Grand Romantica De Luxe, Caffe Portofino, the Pavoni Pub models, and Grand Romantica Exclusive.

La Pavoni is said the pride the best service in all over Europe and the international markets as well. You can also find the La Pavoini coffee machines in American coffee houses as well.

The La Pavoni Pub line has five coffee machine models. These espresso machines are semiautomatic or fully automatic. The prices are also very competitive yet affordable. These different models come in various different colors as well such as Candy-Apple-Red or in glossy Black.

The newest range of La Pavoni Coffee Makers comes with a range of advanced features that gives a person the option of having a delicious cup of coffee in minimum. However, what stands out in the La Pavoni coffee maker is the unique design of the coffee makers, they make any home, office or caf? look chic and elegant.

All the La Pavoni Coffee Makers come in painted steel bodies and work on electricity.

The La Pavoni Coffee Maker range of coffee maker is designed to the highest quality standards and the best Italian designs. One would know right away when they drink a cup of coffee from the La Pavoni Coffee maker. The taste is that unique and authentic; Italians pride themselves with the La Pavoini Coffee maker.