Lavazza Coffee Machines

As the consumption of coffee increases even more so, industries must rise in a balancing fashion. Coffee industries must become more innovative, much more creative, brave and aspiring. These industries will fight off any respective competitors and serve their consumers to best of their ability in a one hundred percent give. Such an industry might be named the Lavazza Coffee Machines. The company is known to have the world's best Italian espresso's. The company has been and still is serving Italians for years, over seventy percent of their consumers are from Italy. The taste is astounding and extremely alluring for any individual from any country, origin and ethnic background.

Lavazza Coffee Machines has been working for years to deliver the best for its consumers. The company's experience dates back to almost a century. The company has been striving continuously and favourably since the 1900's. The company was first established by an Italian gentlemen by the name of Luigi Lavazza. Luigi came to the concept of developing more and more defined and refined tastes with the creative innovations of espresso machines and ingredients never before thought of.

Lavazza Coffee Machines has countless and endless manufacturing designs constructed for separate tastes for each consumer in mind. Let us take a brief look at what sort of equipments are offered at Lavazza. The Cermencita coffee pot is one of the industries most ancient type of coffee machine. It was designed by Marco Zanuso in 1979, and crafted ever so excellently by the famous Giovanni Sacchi. It is one of Italy's most prized collection items, that has been provided by the long history of Lavazza Coffee Machines.

For a little more taste of modern innovations, Lavazza Coffee Machines has also established a new manufacturing machine called the Espresso Point. The Espresso Point was created in 1995, by Pininfarina, an Italian inspirit. It is said that he worked with magic to bring about such aesthetic design and style to this coffee machine. This Espresso Point has been used in over sixteen hundred thousand workplaces, local coffee shops and so on forth. It is equipped with a microprocessor that allows consumers to program first their coffee and have it made, in front of you, within a minute. These are the innovations of Lavazza Coffee Machines, brilliant, useful and productive, challenging and inspiring. The company's Italian history gives us a taste of unique culture and rich identity.