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Pump Coffee Machines

Pump Coffee Machines are used to make espresso coffee. Espresso does not just refer to the type of coffee but also refers to the process of how it is made. From the strong espresso coffee all the other types like cafe latte, mocha and cappuccino are made. So it is important to know about the workings of the Pump Coffee Machines which make espresso.

There are several factors involved in making a good cup of espresso. First of all the temperature of water which hits the smooth coffee grounds has to be less than the boiling point, otherwise it will spoil the taste. Secondly to extract all the taste from the grounds the water has to forcefully pass through them evenly. This is why Pump Coffee Machines are necessary to make espresso.

Pump Coffee Machines have a small chamber that holds the cold water. This water is drawn by a pump from this chamber and is forced under pressure into another chamber where it is heated. This provides a good control over the temperature and the pressure is adequate for the water to extract the taste from the coffee grounds uniformly.

It is easy to use Pump Coffee Machines and you can make good espresso in few simple steps. The water has to be filled into the chamber and switch it on. Most of the models will have an indicator which will tell you that the water has reached the ideal temperature for brewing. Put finely ground coffee in the filter and tap it down with a spoon. Put a cup under the dispenser and turn on the pump. A good quality pump coffee machine will usually have a 15 bar pump which will exert a pressure of 220 psi. This will force the hot water to pass through the smoothly ground coffee uniformly and out of the spout.

There are many types of models available of Pump Coffee Machines ranging from semi-automatic to fully automatic one-touch systems. Some of the premium models also have built-in grinders so that the whole process can be done through one machine. These models also have a lot of other features and controls that let the user make different types of coffees apart from the espresso. Some of the more expensive models have self maintenance features where it will run de-calcification and cleaning cycles. A good quality Pump Coffee Machine can range from a couple of hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the features.