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Single Serve Coffee Machine

Kitchen gadgets offer a lot of convenience and save a lot of our time. Coffee machines have been a favorite for many as it gives you a freshly brewed pot at the turn of a switch. The only problem with these machines is you are left with a pot of coffee when you need only one or two cups. The remaining coffee in the pot will lose the aroma and flavor if it is not immediately consumed and lot of good coffee can be wasted this way. This was a common problem in many households, but not any more with the coming of the Single Serve Coffee Machine.

The Single Serve Coffee Machine is an excellent appliance to avoid this waste, particularly for households who have only one or two members who are coffee drinkers. There is a variety of models available to choose from, but basically the single serve coffee machine comes in two types. The first type is the usual coffee brewing machine with the filter system, but which can make one or two cups of coffee at a time, instead of a full pot. With these machines you just need to place your cup at the dispensing end and you get freshly brewed coffee every time. These models are compact, fast and efficient, meant especially for a single person or a couple who want a quick fresh cup in the morning or during the day.

The second type of Single Serve Coffee Machine is for people who enjoy different types of coffee. This model uses a pod system and you have to load the pod of your preference into the machine. Once the cup is brewed you just discard the used pod. These pods are available in the market with different types of coffee and brands and you have a wide range to choose from. This makes this type of Single Serve Coffee Machine very versatile as a person can choose the type of coffee he wants every time and also it can serve a household with many coffee drinkers with varied tastes.

While purchasing a Single Serve Coffee Machine with a pod system is to see that it is compatible with the different types of pods available in the market. This type of machine might work out a little more costly as you have to load a pod each time. The other type is more economical, but you are stuck drinking the same type of coffee every time.