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Solis Coffee Machine

Solis coffee machines are made by a company from Switzerland and have been well known for their outstandingly unique coffee making machines. If you happen to be in the coffee making business, then it would be very helpful to go for a Solis coffee machine since these machines are designed in a manner that allows them to brew almost all types of coffee ranging from cappuccino to espresso and even the macho mixes. This makes the Solis coffee machines a better choice of coffee machines for large establishments and people who brew coffee in large quantities over a long time.

Other than the Solis coffee machines having outstanding capabilities and combining many features in one, they are also available in different designs and the company can boast of a variety of coffee machines to choose from. One of the most prominent coffee machines from Solis is the Ultra one touch. This machine is particularly popular due to its ability to brew a large number of coffee blends with very easy instructions and is also quite user friendly. As a machine, the Ultra one touch is very handy for use as an office coffee maker although it is also good for restaurants as it can be used to prepare the famous cappuccino which happens to be a favorite of many restaurant joints.

Other than the Ultra one touch from Solis, there are other models as well from Solis include the Solis palazzo which is a fully automated machine that also includes a state of the art liquid crystal display from where you can view the status of the coffee that you are brewing at any time. It is from this display that you are also able to view any settings that you select and choose from the operational panel. The last machine in the Solis line of outstanding products is the Solis Digital Master 5000 which is truly fully automated. This machine is a true wonder and offers outstanding performance like no other in its class. For persons who want to make a quick cup of espresso, this machine warms up in just a few minutes and can then give you a hot cup of espresso within 15 seconds . it also has option of brewing double shots of espresso and these only take a total of 20seconds to accomplish.

With all these capabilities available in the Solis line of products, it would be difficult to miss a coffee machine of your choice at Solis. All that one needs to do is to look at the catalogue and to be able to find the machine that squarely meets your objectives.