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Sunbeam Coffee Machine

Sunbeam is a well-known company in Australia which manufactures a variety of appliances. Among the various kitchen appliances they have a whole range of models of different coffee machines. Sunbeam has been around for fifty years and is a trusted name in Australia. The different models of Sunbeam coffee machines are simple to use with convenient ergonomic designs. The prices are very reasonable and the company keeps innovating new designs and models.

One of the popular model of Sunbeam coffee machine is the HDX23 Heritage Design. This machine can make 12 cups of coffee at a time and is programmable. This Sunbeam coffee machine is ideal for any kitchen and is very convenient to use. The water compartment can be removed so that you can fill the water easily without any spillage. The filter basket is of the permanent type and that also can be removed and is very easy to maintain and clean. The hot water is delivered through a sprayer which resembles a shower head and that ensures a uniform soaking of the coffee grounds resulting in a rich brew. You can also take a cup in between the process of brewing as it has a pause switch. The carafe is of good quality and capable of withstanding cold storage. For a price of about $70 dollars this is an excellent buy.

One of their latest innovation is a single serve Sunbeam coffee machine. This machine will reduce coffee wastage if the requirements are about 16 ounces of coffee at a time. This machine is especially useful for someone who needs to grab the cup of coffee in a hurry and be on the go. You can fill a travel mug from the dispenser and are ready to go, with a good cup of coffee. Maintenance is easy as the brew basket can be removed and disposed off and replaced by a new one.

With slightly more capacity is the 4 cup Sunbeam coffee machine with features like pause and serve. This model has a carafe made of steel with a special lid that can seal the freshness for a long time. The maintenance is an easy chore as the basket can be put in a dishwasher and warming plate is made of non-stick material. This Sunbeam coffee machine has a compact size that fits snugly on any kitchen counter or office table. It has an ergonomic design for easy handling and comes with a handle thats easy to grip.