Super Automatic Coffee Machines

What makes a perfect cup of coffee? Many people will have different answers. But the truth is all-in-all the way it's made. Making coffee is an art. You got to boil the water just right, Have the best roasted coffee beans, have a Coffee grinder that grinds to its finest, the list can go on. With all this technicalities the bottom line is a nice cup of coffee.

But now the super automatic Coffee Machines have taken all the technicalities and coupled all in to one big device. With press of a button, everything is done inside the machine and out comes a custom brewed Cup of Coffee.

A super automatic coffee machine produces one cup at a time, by pressurizing the steam. By no more than a simple flick of a switch the Super Automatic grinds the coffee beans stored in the built in hopper. They are then squashed into the filter assembly, where the steam streams into the awaiting mug. All of this takes no more than 30 seconds, and it produces wonderfully rich end product. Virtually all Super Automatic coffee machines have a wide range of settings and options. Good examples being: the amount and heat of the coffee, the volume of coffee per serving and the texture of the coffee beans. This gives fantastic diversity when it comes to the style of coffee you want. A frothy latte, steaming large Americano or minute highly concentrated cup of espresso, are all there for the taking.

One of the favorite features of the super automatic is its automatic milk frothier. This works by putting a small funnel into a carton of milk from a nozzle directly into the mug. The Super Automatic then creates a vacuum in the unheated milk and produces frothy, warm and delicious milk straight into the cup. This option helps make an excellent cappuccino just by pressing 2 buttons.

With some models and manufacturers, the super automatics have a range of added features. Certain machines have an inbuilt system for filtering water, others an internal device for warming mugs and a few a secondary pumping mechanisms that allows coffee production and milk steaming to take place simultaneously.

With a price tag in the neighborhood of US$1,500, super automatics don't come cheap. The two best-known manufacturers of super automatic are the Swiss firm Capresso and the Italian manufacturers Saeco. Both companies have huge diversity in the models offered to market and have exceptional reputations for producing top end coffee machines