Tea Coffee Vending Machines

The first thing to consider what you want when purchasing a coffee and tea vending machines is what beverages would be served. As a general rule there are three options.

1) Machines that grind the coffee bean only when a selection is made are a Bean-to-machine piece of equipment. These machines provide a great cup of `real' coffee as the extraction of the coffee is by the espresso method that uses hot water and pressure.

2) Machines that takes in instant coffee (pre ground) such as Nestle Nescafe or CIRO.

3) the tea/coffee machine usually has a tea brewer providing in around 15 seconds a rapidly infused cup of tea. These machines normally can also supply a cup of instant coffee.

Next pre selection options have to be considered. For example the choice of 'normal sugar' 'extra sugar' and 'no sugar' functions will keep everyone happy, as tea and coffee is such a personalized thing. The more options the better.

The choice of cup is also important. On the long run it is best to use good quality cups such as porcelain ware will give a better tasting quality drink and has the capacity to hold heat. The cost beyond the initial purchase is nil. Vended plastic cups are often hot to touch and can cause technical problems within the vending machine. However porcelain cups do require washing up, which is time consuming, so stacking plastic cups next to the vending machine is a viable alternative.

Of great importance is to understand the quality of the beverage will greatly depend on the quality of the vending machine. Therefore when selecting a machine, it is best to select one that has a reputable branding. Avoid cheap brands or deals that appear to be too good to be true. It is a nightmare to have a machine breaking down frequently. Yes! In a coffee and tea maker there are elements that can cause breakdowns.

Finally you need to consider the after sales service. Not every vending supplier is the same when it comes to delivery of a reliable service when you need it most. Even high end brand names are known to deliver a poor service. However there are smaller outfits whose work is commendable. Caution when you select a service; it is advisable to check out how reliable they are and if they carry enough spares for the model you own.