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Wega Coffee Machine

Wega was founded in 1985, and initially dealt solely in the manufacturing and distribution of espresso machines in Italy. As success grew at home the company expanded into Western Europe before launching itself as a serious global player, and their products can now be purchased in the all major coffee drinking countries of the world. The company has also diversified into coffee grinders, ice cube makers, dish washers, water softeners and accessories.

The Wega stable of coffee machines can be divided into four categories. Wega have range of fully automatic coffee machines, which as a rule have two grinders linked to a mechanical brewing group, with six added coffee and three added milk options. They also have an automatic water refiller as well as a programmable hot water dosage. Currently Wega have four fully automatic coffee machines on the market.

Wega's range of semi automatic coffee machines, are electronically fitted with a built in micro computer controller and have electromechanical push buttons. To compliment their range of semi automatic coffee machines Wega have purely manual ones, which run on a long established piston system. Currently Wega have 19 semi automatic and manual coffee machines in production, including the Vela and Polaris ranges.

As quality coffee becomes more established as a part of people's lives within their homes, so does the market surrounding it, and Wega have moved with the times by launching a range of domestic coffee grinders. Their grinders are made out of aluminium for style and longevity, have an upper and lower dose provider, a continuous micrometric grind setting, dose counter and on some models an auto-stop mechanism. 19 designs of Wega grinders are available globally.

Finally in a nod to the early days of coffee machines Wega have seven stylish and highly efficient filter devices that produce filtered coffee of the highest standard, and are used in homes and catering outlets world wide, including Europe, Australian and North America.

Wega have recently centralised their whole operation by moving into a purpose built facility that houses every department of the business and includes one of the largest research facilities in the coffee machine industry. This can be seen as a sign of their ambition as they make the push to become the world number 1 in their ever expanding and involving field. Wega have also formed partnerships with numerous companies across the globe.