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American Coffee Service

The American Coffee Service is a coffee service catering to offices in America and has been in this business since the last 60 years. The range of products offered is very wide from coffee and tea of the specialty variety and many more products. The specialty coffee range includes almost all of the major brands like the Starbucks coffee, Caribou Coffee, Peets Coffee, Seattle's best coffee and many others. They also have the gourmet coffee K-cups and also single cup coffees and the tea pods all of which are more than one hundred and eighty in number. The other beverages offered include tea, soda, water and many other associated products.

The list of the Office coffee service products is extensive and numerous products are all listed out on the home web site. There is a 12cup coffee packets which are actually pre-calculated amount of coffee in a packet for making exactly 12 cups of coffee. You get nothing more and nothing less. This especially is suitable in large settings like offices where there is no time to do any guess work and then prepare the coffee. Just add the packet to the coffee machine and it will yield exactly 12 cups of coffee.

The 12 cup coffee packets come in various different brands, so that the office staff can choose their favorite brand. Some of the brands listed are the Starbucks, Peets, Caribou, Gemini, Crown's, ACS, 8'o clock, Superior etc. The flavored coffees like the Mother Parker's, Barrie's and Pearl Coffees come in astounding number of flavors. Some of the flavors are the hazelnut, maple cinnamon, southern Pecan, coconut, butter cookie, toasted almond, toasted nut fudge, chocolate mint, chocolate cherry etc to mention very few among the list.

There are single cup packs or the K-cup which are one of the best gourmet coffees ever. These come in variety of different flavors and many of the flavors or blends listed there conform to the Fair Trade or the fair Trade Organic practice coffee. This ensures both taste and the health of the employees and the other people who drink these coffees.

The tea range also lists a wide variety of brands. But something notable among the list is the healthy Green tea options. There are several green tea flavors available too which again are quite beneficial for the health. The American coffee service can be contacted online and orders can be placed online too. The best part about their service is their wide range of products and also the fact that they offer quality and excellent service.