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Bay Coffee Service

The Bay coffee service is a unique idea promoted by the San Francisco Bay Coffee Company. This concept is totally one of a kind and involves the customers, coffee aficionados and enthusiasts, business organizations and communities. Any body can come forward and order a custom made blend of gourmet coffee which is specially prepared after being given a private signature label. The customized coffee blends prepared in such a made to order way can be used in any way the person or the organization wishes or considers correct.

There are a variety of options like selling, serving or even better ways like using such blends for raising charity for any favorite philanthropic institutions. The most unique part about this Bay coffee service is that it is totally handled through the Internet and all the dealings are done online. The company behind the Bay coffee service is the San Francisco Bay Coffee which is one of the California based Rogers family companies. This Bay coffee service has been initiated with an aim of providing added sophistication to the coffee business and also a means of promoting the gourmet coffee industry. The gourmet coffee and tea products of this San Francisco Bay Company are quite popular all over the United States of America.

The idea behind the Bay coffee service is quite practical and applicable. Who would not prefer having a custom made blend of gourmet coffee? This is a wonderful way to massage the ego for people who like to pamper themselves and like a bit of show off and are pompous. In the cruder sense it looks nothing more than an easy way to promote more of Narcissism. But in the broader sense, it also is quite a practical and convenient way for small scale coffee retailers, coffee shops and also for the professional organizations who actually can make a lot of good use with a signature coffee label.

The clients who are interested in getting a signature blend are directed to the section of the web site which details the suggestions for the blending process of the coffee. This is done with an aim of providing basic information and awareness about the coffee blending process to the neophytes. The minimum order taken is eighteen pounds and the shipping is done absolutely free. The order arrives in small packs of 2 pounds each and the bags lock in the flavor and have a customized label.