Coffee Industry Sales

The coffee sales across the world are rapidly changing in trends as people change their preferences from just taking coffee to specialty coffee brands. Although Americans were initially the largest coffee consumers across the world, it is clearly emerging that the American coffee consumer is becoming more and more particular about the coffee they consume and as such, it has emerged that most Americans are willing to part with more cash as long as quality is guaranteed.

From some of the most recent market reports, it is estimated that the coffee industry sales in America alone has hit the $40 billion mark and most likely still going on. Out of the $40 billion expenditure on coffee, $13.65 billion was generated from specialty coffee sales. This is a sure proof that more people are getting into the habit of consuming specialty coffee as compared to ordinary coffee. Besides the growing change in preference by coffee consumers across the world, other factors are similarly affecting the coffee industry sales globally. Take for instance the growing trends of unpredictable weather patterns due to the ozone depletion and global warming which has adversely affected the production of coffee especially in Africa and other regions such as South America where the coffee farming is largely dependent on natural weather conditions.

If the weather patterns continue to take such unpredictable dimensions, then the coffee production will likely remain equally unpredictable. This factor may lead to unpredictable coffee prices thus affecting the coffee industry sales in a major way. Coffee industry sales are currently a major income source across the wold, it is estimated that coffee sales only come second to oil and arms sales in terms of commodity sales across the globe. Some of the coffee producing countries are known to depend largely on coffee industry sales for most of their foreign exchange earnings. Countries like Kenya and Ethiopia are among some of the countries that rely on coffee industry sales in a major way since the coffee industry sales in these countries have a major influence on the countries' economic standing at any one time.

It is important to note that much effort is needed from all interested partners in the coffee sector especially in terms of helping in whatever way possible to try and stop the environmental degradation that is likely to affect coffee production and subsequently the coffee industry sales. This will only go a long way in improving coffee production and ensuring better living standards for all players in the coffee sector.