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Coffee Service Companies

Coffee serving to work places has become a huge industry, with thousand of companies globally vying to get an edge. A coffee or break room with quality supplies for a hot beverage is fast becoming an important advantage in enhancing corporate culture that most companies are offering their employees.

This practice has its advantages as employees, Managerial staff, presidents, interns and desk clerks could brew their cup of coffee or tea and carry it back to their desks. It is also a good ice breaker in getting to know each other better. Providing a freshly brewed hot beverage at corporate conference room meetings, board meetings are not a hassle any more. This applies everywhere from Washington to Delhi.

Generally it is not a common practice to have tea and coffee at any time in the work place. Traditionally most people start the day with a cup of coffee some may want one after lunch and very often as a pick-me-up late afternoon. In today's stress related world it is a most welcome habit and that more and more workplaces have adopted the practice to employ a quality office coffee service.

Traditionally all the various suppliers and components would be bought separately. Now the suppliers have cottoned on to the fact that their customers want the hassle taken out of coffee services and offer a one stop solution.

A company that is looking for a provider of coffee services can now expect all kinds of things to be thrown in for free from their one stop provider, where as in the pre internet age, everything would have had to be been purchased separately and at a cost.

Cups and stirrers are now complimentary from the supplier as an industry norm. If the vending machine breaks down the coffee service company will be bound to send a representative round to get it fixed. Dedicated account managers will be assigned to your company. In short coffee services are now a huge and highly competitive and very profitable industry.

Providing a complete coffee service package is hugely attractive to employers. Nullifying the need for employees to pop out to get their coffee dramatically reduces time out of the office and thus adds hugely work place productivity. On the flip side employees see coffee services as a perk with a low cost.