Fair Trade Organic Shade Grown Coffee

The Fair Trade is a mark or a label put on the consumer products which is an indicator of the poor or the disadvantaged farmers being treated properly and given their rights which are due to them. Coffee when cultivated organically provides the best quality ever possible. The quality is the best not only with regard to the taste and the flavor and the aroma but also with regard to the health benefit. Not only is the coffee which is grown organically an excellent source of divinely tasting coffee, but also a healthy option with excellent value for your money too.

The organic farming refers to any farming or growing of crops devoid of the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The chemicals used as fertilizer and pesticides are tremendously poisonous and hazardous to health. There are an innumerable number of diseases caused by the unrestrained procedure of using these chemical fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture.

Coffee can also be developed with the help of Organic farming. In the Organic farming of coffee there are no fertilizers and pesticides of the chemical noxious variety are in use. There are safer options of natural fertilizers and natural pesticides too. Organic farming of coffee brings these natural pesticides and fertilizers into play.

The Organic farming of coffee was in fact begun by the underprivileged or the financially weak farmers who did not have enough money to buy the expensive fertilizers and pesticides. The Organic farming of the Coffee Movement was initiated by the economically back ward coffee farmers in Mexico and Columbia. They were swift to form the organization or a co-operative of the poor farmers and these co-operative societies endorsed the Organic farming of coffee.

The other affluent and economically strong countries which were occupied in the Chemical method of coffee farming were very much unwilling to put down their old ways and commence the Organic farming of coffee.

Shade growing of the coffee plants is highly recommended and advocated by the experts and the environmentalists too. The natural habitat of coffee is among the shades, but the commercial cultivation is usually done on areas exposed to sunlight. This not only increases the production unnaturally but also is detrimental to the ecological systems of the area. When a coffee plant is grown in sunlight the other plants and the natural habitat of the animals are destroyed due to the luxuriant growth of the coffee. This necessitates the growth of coffee in the shade and when the farming is done on an Organic basis and coupled with the shade farming it is called as Fair Trade practice of coffee, which is the most ideal method.