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Fair Trade Tea And Coffee

Coffee and tea are cash crops which are grown in most countries across the world and then exported to many other different locations across the world for processing and the subsequent consumption of the drinks. It is always common for any product that covers such a wide chain before reaching the market to experience several unscrupulous middlemen before eventually reaching the consumer. If the product happens to pass through the hands of so many middle men on its way to the consumer from the source, it is always likely to be subjected to unfair practices in the process since the greedy middlemen are likely to come up with cartels to try and manipulate the market trends in their favor.

The practice of fair trade of coffee and tea is simply the bid to try and ensure that all players in the coffee and tea chain of distribution ranging from the farmer to the manufacturer and eventually the consumer are all given fair share of their effort so as to maintain a smooth chain of flow for the benefit earned from the crops if any. This is always healthy as it gives the crop a better chance of continuing to dominate the world class as a leading choice of beverage.

In an attempt to maintain fair trade between the players in this sector, some players have come up with several options which try to balance the benefits of the crops. among some of the benefits that these groups have come up with are exchange programs that involve the education of the coffee and tea farmers from the very remote parts of the world that happen to be the reliable sources of the drinks in order to boost their production capability and improve their earnings with a view to making their lives much better.

Other efforts include the social awareness campaigns that try to enlighten the farmers but more so the consumer on the side effects of the beverage and educating them on the best ways through which the side effects can either be eradicated or managed. The nicotine content in both coffees is known to be a major cause of threat to the consumer, this threat can however be reduced by making the coffee and tea using some specifically recommended methods that ensure the reduction of the caffeine content in the said beverages. As a result some coffee and tea selling companies have gone as far as getting their drinks certified to make them stand out from the rest of them all.