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Gold Coffee Service

The Aramark Refreshment services have over taken the gold cup coffee service. The Aramark Refreshment Services are a business community which deals mainly with the coffee service business. The Aramark Refreshment Services supply not only coffee but also other stuff which can be consumed during the break hours in the corporate set up.

The Aramark Refreshment Services supply excellent quality products and have become the industry leaders in the service business. They cater to a major part of America, and cover around 80,000 locations across the United States.

Providing employees with quality refreshments is a giant step in maintaining the good will of the employees. The employees will feel appreciated and will also recognize that the company values them and is concerned about their requirements and preferences. The customers who may be visiting the office will also get a good impression about the company and its principles and way of working. It is also a good business tactic to keep the staff inside the office building. During the breaks, be it lunch or coffee breaks, the employees usually tend to jump out of the office building and try to catch up with their favorite beverages and fast food at the nearest coffee outlet or the food joints. Once they go out the time taken to return back may sometimes extend beyond the break hours, thereby affecting productivity.

The average percentage of employees leaving the office for a refreshment break was found to be pegged at twenty five per cent, and the average time taken by each employee was found to be around fifteen minutes. Now if a company has around 100 employees, then taking these criteria in to consideration, it can be easily calculated that 25 employees would be rushing out for refreshments and wasting a total of six hours and fifteen minutes out of the day's work hours. Imagine the loss to the company if there is a loss of productivity for around six hours in a day.

The idea of providing the world class products and when most of these products are on the top favorite list of your employees would be an excellent way to manage the work force and keep them inside the office building. The Aramark Refreshment Services supply beverages and fast food from renowned brands like the Starbucks coffee, Dunkin' Donuts, Green Mountains , Flavia, Java, Seattle's best and Cory. There are 3 different categories of the Gold cup Service based on the number of employees in the company.