Iced Coffee Price

If you are one of the unlucky people who are forced to spend the day out doors on a hot and sweaty sunny afternoon, the first thing you would crave for is unarguably a cool refreshing drink to cool your senses. Now if you happen to be coffee lover, you would prefer having coffee at any time of the day or night, and in any season, be it summer or winter. But hot coffee on a sunny afternoon is as welcome as having boiling, salty water poured over a festering wound. But a true coffee enthusiast has never ever learnt to give up, at least not on his coffee. So the next option is to get the favorite coffee drink, but as iced coffee.

But the fact of the matter is that the iced coffee is priced way over the hot coffee. The idea behind this is quite obscure. Coffee just will not change in to gold when iced. Any way the coffee aficionado will go for his iced coffee, over priced or not. That is exactly what the coffee joints and outlets are cashing on. The devotion and loyalty to coffee is unflinching and they know that a true blue coffee lover will be ready to pay through the nose no matter what the price. For the records, the iced coffee is almost one third times as costlier when compared to hot coffee. Is it the ice that makes the iced coffee so pricey? People are forced to ask this query to the coffee outlets.

Considering the fact that the iced coffee actually contains very less of the coffee because the majority of the space is taken over by the ice cubes, the next question arising in the minds of people is about the value for money. What is the point in spending more for the iced coffee when you can comfortably get it made at home? And drink it at leisure in the confines of your home and the best part is you can have as many iced coffees as you want. But practically that does not become possible, especially when you are outdoors. It is not possible to rush home in the midst of something just to brew your iced coffee. So the coffee joints will continue to make money and the coffee aficionados will continue to drink over priced iced coffee. Everything is going to be the same and every one is finally happy.