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Imperial Coffee Service

A coffee service in any office is always a welcome idea. The employees truly appreciate the effort and the concern shown to them by the employers who install an office coffee serving machine. Providing employees with quality refreshments is a giant step in maintaining the good will of the employees. The employees will feel respected and will also recognize that the company values them and is concerned about their requirements and preferences.

The benefits of deciding on getting an office coffee service is multiple. In addition to garnering the good will of your employees, it also adds to your image when customers come to visit. The customers who may be visiting the office will also get a good notion about the company and its values and approach to work. It is also a first-rate business ploy to maintain the staff inside the office building. During the breaks, be it lunch or coffee breaks, the employees usually have a propensity to jump out of the office building and try to catch up with their most wanted beverages and fast food at the nearby coffee outlet or the food joints. Once they go out the time taken to return back may every so often extend further than the break hours, thereby upsetting the work and the company productivity.

The typical percentage of employees who exit the office for a drink break was established to be pegged at twenty five per cent, and the average point in time taken by each employee was found to be approximately fifteen minutes. Now if a company has around 50 to 100 employees, then taking these criteria in to contemplation, it can be effortlessly calculated that around 13 to 25 employees would be hastening out for food and drink and killing a total of three to six and a half hours out of the day's work hours. Envisage the loss to the company if there is a loss of output for around six hours in a day.

Imperial coffee service is a tailor made coffee service planned to suit the requirements of any office. They not only provide private labels of coffee but also the top quality brands of coffee and all other allied products. They also offer coffee equipment service from the quality brewers. The Imperial Coffee service offers their excellent and professional coffee services to many locations like Toronto, London, Ottawa, Lindsay, Barrie, Waterloo and Windsor.