Italian Coffee Shop

At present, there are coffee shops in almost every city imaginable under the sun. This coffee shop idea however must have started from somewhere just like all good or bad ideas do. Italy having been strategically placed on the water mouth of the sea trade route from the Far East to Europe was the first recipient of the coffee beverage where it first landed at the port town of Venice. Upon discovering the unique and nourishing taste of coffee, it seems the Italians embraced the drink and within no time, the first coffee shop sprung up in the port city of Venice.

The first coffee shop established in Venice Italy opened its doors in 1683 and several others soon followed suite due to the love that the Italians developed for the drink. The very first coffee shop in Italy was named "caffee" certainly after the very drink that was served it the shop. Since then other shops were simply referred to as "caffee" shops or simply caf?. As the popularity of the coffee drink began to spread into Europe and other places as well, more coffee shops sprung up although most of them were simply designed with the Italian design in mind and thus the coffee shop ideology quickly spread its influence across the world but with the Italian design and concept.

As the days have passed and the coffee shop concept has evolved accordingly, Italian coffee shops have similarly evolved from just the evening spot where people idle under a steaming cup of coffee to a vibrant eating place where you can find other simple food items such as snacks and other meals that form part of the modern restaurant menu. The preparation of the coffee has also improved a great deal with additional flavors such as creamers and other flavors are used to give the coffee an extra taste and aroma. The coffee has also seen a great evolution and is currently served in various forms including unique cocktails such as the macho mix among other innovative blends.

The interior designs of the Italian coffee shop have also developed over time and are now available in variable shapes and looks with numerous catchy paintings on the walls and other additional aesthetic features which are meant to make the coffee shop as attractive and appealing as possible to the client. While the earlier coffee shops brewed their coffee the manual way due to the unavailability of technological coffee brewing equipments at the time, the modern Italian coffee shop is equipped with all the professional coffee making equipment that further adds value to the quality of the coffee served.