Seattle's Best Coffee Franchise

Seattle's Best coffee was founded by Jim and Dave Stewart; they were two brothers in Washington and named the coffee shop as "Wet Whisker" in the 1969. This was also known as "Stewart Brothers Coffee" from 1969-1991. 1998 was the year when AFC took the ownership of Seattle Coffee Holdings and further changed its name to Seattle Coffee Company (SCC), but due to some monetary disintegration, AFC was strained and forced to sell the SCC to Starbucks and this was in 2003 but AFC Still kept back its franchising rights retained. The franchise rights were held back in 11 nations and the military bases of United States of America and also of Hawaii. November 2004 saw further sale of the remaining franchise rights by the AFC Company. The franchise rights of Cinnabon along with the franchise rights of the Seattle Coffee Company (SCC). The new owner of the franchise rights of both these companies was now the Focus Brands Inc. This Focus Brands Inc was a freshly added affiliate of another firm called as the Roark Capital Group.

The following year that is in 2004 there was a business offer that the Company could not refuse. The Borders book store put forth an offer of transforming all of its in-store cafes to Seattle Best cafes. This offer changed the financial condition of the company and since then there was no looking back. The Seattle Best cafes are all actually taken over from the original Borders Boo store in store cafes. The further progress of matters was to be more intriguing with the parent company of the Seattle Best Company, which was the Starbucks Company entering in to a contract with the Border Book store Company's rival and competitor. The situation looked like a classic case of a family feud, with the parent company joining hands with the offspring company's rival. The Starbucks has entered in to a contract with the Barnes and Noble and accordingly is allowed to sell its products in their cafes.

Seattle Best Coffee outlets are parked in major locations and prominent places like the Cruise Line in the entire twenty one of the ships forming the fleet of that cruise. The Seattle's Best Coffee outlets are also in a joint venture with the Royal Caribbean in providing many free of charge coffee items being served on the ship. Seattle's Best coffee outlets are no more in a financial mess, on the other hand are doing quite well with numerous outlets all over the United States.