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Southern Coffee Service:

How you make your coffee has always depended on your particular needs. If you are just a morning coffee drinker, just for the extra wake-up, a drip percolator may be all that you need or want. If you are a regular daily drinker, an 8-10 cup a day person, you might want to consider getting your own bean grinder and coffee machine. Then you will be constantly be ordering beans, filters, having to maintain the equipment, etc. What you have to do is think about what is the best value for your situation. Here are some things to consider.

Let?s say that you need your coffee for your office. You have several, or more, people drinking coffee all day long and you don't want to have to pay someone to stop their regular work to make coffee or clean the machine. One option you will find is to use a coffee service. One of the best is Southern Coffee Service. With Southern Coffee Service you coffee is done by professionals using professional stainless steel brewers. The company representative comes to your home or business, greets you and finds out immediately if there is anything special that you need today. They will then clean the brewing surfaces to remove all the stale coffee oils that have collected since the last brewing. He then cleans the brewer until it is spotless. The rep will recommend new products, check your inventory and determine how much product you will need until the next visit. He will note any problems with the equipment and leave a detailed invoice.

This type of service can save you and your business a great deal of time and keep your employees happy at the same time. There are plenty of other things to do without worrying about the coffee area. The service is surprisingly affordable also.

For those of us who like our coffee at home this service can be used to keep parties and other events well taken care of with respect to coffee. Southern coffee service will come in, set up your coffee/espresso/cappuccino area, brew the coffee and clean up the whole thing when you are ready, leaving you with a simple invoice to pay. This leaves you free to deal with all of the other aspects of your event without having to worry about that aspect. So if you are planning that big event and want your coffee service to come out perfect, call Southern Coffee Service.