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Specialty Coffee Sales

The demand for coffee in the world continues to grow as the population of coffee lovers increase. Since many people are getting into the habit of taking coffee every other day, the demand for the beverage is becoming higher and higher every day and thus the prices of the coffee is also affected since it is only natural that the price of all commodities are always dictated by their demand against their supply ratios.

Specialty coffee sales are similarly affected by the demand and supply of the same. Many people have become more particular in their demand for coffee thus making the need for specialty coffee even higher as compared to earlier days. There are reliable statistics that indicate that coffee is the most frequently taken beverage in places such as the U.S. it is estimated that coffee sales in the U.S alone exceed $18 billion per year and still growing. Out of this amount, specialty coffee sales account for about $6 billion per year and the specialty coffee sales are constantly expanding at a steady rate of 20% per year. These statistics clearly prove that specialty coffee sales are definitely on the increase due to the constant change in preference by coffee lovers from the ordinary coffee drink to the different kinds of specialty coffee blends available in the market.

Taking the U.S market alone for example, it is estimated that about half of all Americans drink at least some form of specialty coffee at one time or the other. If this trend continues, it is much likely that specialty coffee sales will soon grow to very large numbers. It should however be important to note that the increased interest in specialty coffee is mainly due to the additional or rather the unique flavors that are possible in specialty coffee blends. For people who prefer sweet coffee, it is quite easy to fall in love with specialty coffee since most of the coffee is made with additional flavors such as creamers and ice among other additions. Specialty coffee sales are very much likely to increase as many more people continue to discover the numerous flavors that are available in specialty coffee.

The main advantage regarding specialty coffee sales is the fact that most of the specialty coffee blends are slightly low in caffeine content as compared to the other ordinary coffee brands which do not have any additions. This makes it more acceptable to take even for people with health concerns.