Specialty Coffee Shop

The trend for drinking coffee as a habit is now changing. People now look for quality in what they buy rather than just satiating their habits in the same manner day-to-day. For example, Americans now look for good coffee, which is brewed properly rather than buying inferior products. In America, therefore, specialty coffee sales has been growing over other types of coffees and it accounts for more than $13.65 billion of revenue, which is one third of the national coffee sales that is valued annually around $40 billion.

The direction of change in the coffee market can be understood when evaluating which type of coffee has more demand among consumers. The overall sales of coffee in the USA indicate that demand for organic, single origin, rainforest related and fair trade marked is more popular than other types. The overall sale of Fair Trade Coffee in the USA has gone up to about 32 percent in 2009 while organic and rainforest originated coffees too accumulated double-digit sales. Before long, sales of these three types of specialty coffees would pass over 100 million pounds, experts in the coffee industry forecast.

By 2012, specialty coffee sales in the USA would be worth about 18 billion in accordance with the North American Organic Coffee Survey done last year by a Philadelphian coffee consultant. Organic coffee is the most sought after type of coffee. In 2009, Canada and America has imported more than 89 million pounds of organic coffee due to its great demand. Many specialty coffee shops in the USA such as Starbucks, Peet's Coffee and Tea etc., have great sales even in the recession. Starbucks, which was closed, earned $150 million for the last four months but regained, lost prestige with the introduction of Via, an instant specialty coffee product.

It takes great care in cleaning to packaging of green coffee to produce specialty coffees. First, the debris is removed from the green coffees and then they are put into roasters. These roasters should be set to give temperature in between 370 to 540 ?F and the duration of roasting may sometimes finish within a few minutes while some other types may take even half an hour.

Specialty coffee shops, which serve the best organic, fair trade and rainforest origin coffees, have a good market, as people come to them searching for the natural taste of a cup of coffee on a regular basis. Even in the recession in the USA, they haven't lost their customer base. The demand for specialty coffee that is healthy and tasty has been growing which is a great shift of the consumers' knowledge of good products.