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Bosch Espresso Machines

Bosch espresso machines have come up with many additional features and designs that can give the best possible taste to the coffee. These machines are built with Aroma swirl, a patented system for maximum flavor extraction. They use a steel boiler to protect the gourmet coffee from getting a metal taste. Water is filtered and chlorine and other chemicals are removed by the built in water filter and this add up more taste and gives you the pure coffee.

There are various models like Bosch Tassimo, Benvenuto built-in coffee machines and Benvenuto free standing coffee machines. Tassimo are perfect for the home use and you can make real milk cappuccinos, Coffee, lattes, hot chocolate and tea with the touch of a single button. There are many models of Bosch Tassimo's available in different colors ranging from 130 USD to maximum of 170 USD. Bosch espresso Benvenuto built-in coffee machine or free standing coffee machines come with easy to use controls. All you have to do is to select the kind of beverage you want and the volume and it is ready within few seconds. There are around twelve automatic coffee brewing options. The compact models can also be used at home and you can have your own coffee bar at home.

The additional features in all Bosch espresso models are the digital message screen to prompt you throughout the process, ability to comfortably switch between cappuccino and coffee instantly and changing coffee temperature. You can also use pre ground coffee instead of the coffee beans and adjust the water hardness. Cleaning and maintaining the coffee machine is quite easy coz they come with automatic cleaning and de scaling features.

Bosch espresso machines come with a one year parts and labor warranty. In spite of this they provide unlimited 24/7 toll free technical support service.