Espresso Recipes - Caf? Latte

Caf? Latte is one of the favorite coffee drinks in Italy. It comes from the word coffee and hot milk. The ideal taste the Latte contains is not so difficult for one to prepare if proper care is taken while texturing the milk.

Strong and dark roast coffee is first brewed using the drip method. Single shot of espresso is made by adding 1 to 1 1/2 ounces of espresso to steamed milk. Generally 8 to 10 ounces of latte mug is filled with this beverage and must be served hot. A very fine layer of foam on the top can be obtained. Flavored latte can be prepared in the similar way. After the espresso poured into the container, the flavor of one's choice is added preferably in the form of syrups that are available and the steamed milk is poured onto the top of the blend that is obtained.

One can also try other varieties of espresso by experimenting the same espresso in different combinations and quantities to get new coffee concoctions. "Cappuccino Espresso" by Christie Katona is a very good handful book which describes the recipes of over 200 hot and cold espressos. "Totally Coffee Cookbook" by Helene Siegel and Karen Gillingham is another simple little book that covers a wide variety of coffee drink recipes. "Cappuccino Cocktails", "Perfect Cup" are other few books that can suggest new ideas and ways to prepare excellent blend of coffee recipes.

Different ingredients like adding lime and whipped cream can be given a try by adding on to the type of espressos that are prepared in the final step as per one's preferences. Caf? Latte is one such drink where generally people take it at the time of the breakfast and is mostly prepared at home, though there are many restaurants that serve the same in the morning hours.