Faema Espresso Machines

Faema espresso machines were founded in 1945 by Carlo Ernesto Valente in Italy. Faema espresso machines are available in both manual and super automatic models. Besides the traditional models, Faema's super automatic models are new and do everything from grinding the beans, tamping the grinds, make froth and also clean up the coffee grounds after the espresso is made. Whereas the regular machines like manual and semi automatic versions of Faema espresso requires some practice to make some good coffee.

Faema espresso machines are not very familiar as other brands are because they are not properly promoted and not available in all retail stores. These machines are widely used in cafes and coffee shops and are more of commercial use than home use. This might be because of their size. Though compact versions are available most of the faema espresso models are huge and bulky.

Cappuccino magic is one model which can make cappuccino very easily with a press of a button and many models in faema espresso are provided with capuccinomatic. You can get a cup of cappuccino by getting the frothed milk and espresso into one cup according to the program. They also come with a multi directional stainless steel arm and hot water tap, LED to signal the temperature and level of water, water softener and built in water tank and electronic boiler fill. With all these features, faema espresso machines are easy to use and are a perfect solution for all the coffee shops or cafes that have less space but demand professional performance. Faema E98 compact is one espresso coffee machine which features programmable coffee, cappuccino and frothed milk selections. Faema Emblema is the new version which comes with a smart boiler, auto steam that froth large amount of milk without manual intervention, adjustable thermal balancing system and adjustable machine voltage that can easily adjust itself to the type of electric system used in the caf? or shops. There are many models that can be chosen fpr perfect brewing.